Skills Include

Art Direction

Creative Marketing

Product Campaigns

Public Relations

Talent Development

Stage Management

Social Media

Public Speaking

Fashion Branding & Placement

Casting Talent

Adobe Photoshop


Event Planner

"..Krystal's enterprising, drive and professionalism were key in creating the first opportunity for my daughter to walk the runways for Fashion Week in NYC several years ago. ' Krystal Ugo knows the industry inside and out. If you want results, and a flawless event or personal professional industry development of your model, seek out Krystal". - Hayley S

"I appreciate the opportunities you have given me. I've shared the room with CEOs, ambassadors, fashion designers and other notable people because of you. I don't take any of it for granted. Your drive to pursue your dreams gave me permission to go after mine. ‪#‎RoleModel‬ ‪#‎Boss‬ ‪#‎Inspiration‬ Thanks for being a role model". Bradley C

About Krystal Ugo

  • 13+ years | Fashion & Entertainment Industry
  • 10+ years | Managing  and Casting Talent | Including: Models, Actors, Wardrobe & Prop Stylist, Photographers, etc.
  • 10+ years | Interviewing & Hiring Fashion & Public Relations Interns
  • 13+ years | New York Fashion Week | Miami Fashion Week |
  • 7+ Years | Traveled & Coordinated Castings & Productions for high-profile clientele

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"..You are always a Blessing & Inspiration to many!
You were such a blessing to Emma! You believed in her & gave her an incredible opportunity
At her first runway 2 years ago! Never forget that!
Thank you for all you "Are"
- Yvonne W

"start your day off looking to inspire, create & innovate"- Krystal Ugo